The continued growth of the affluent middle class along Belt & Road countries results in an increasing demand of high-quality life, leading to a rapid development of the Wine & Spirits business in recent years. Keeping up with the expanding markets, Wine & Spirits Zone will debut this year.

With the great supports from Asia Wine Institute, BRIFE 2019 proudly presents these features: Wine Revolution Forum & Masterclass, Belt & Road Sommelier Challenge (Asia), and the Belt & Road Wine and Spirits Awards. Buyers will not only come from Mainland China but also from Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia, Myanmar and Japan.

Location: Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel, Hong Kong.
11 – 13 June 2019.

Belt & Road Wine and Spirits Awards

Belt & Road Wine and Spirits Awards (BRWSA) is set to showcase all the outstanding wines to not only professionals in China, Asia, Belt & Road’s countries and regions, but also to the international market. All the entries of BRWSA will exhibit in BRIFE 2019 so that everyone can taste your products in person!

BRWSA Judging Panels are formed by TOP Sommeliers and Market KOL from all over Asia and lead by a panel of Asia-base Master Sommeliers. Your wines are judged by their professional palates and oriental sense. Your products will have the opportunity to enter the door of this massive market directly.

“HKQAA – Hong Kong Wine Registration Scheme” is launched by Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency in November 2013. The Scheme aims to recognise an organisations’ capability to maintain and retrieve records of wines handled with identifiable sources. As an extension of the Scheme, the “HKQAA – Hong Kong Wine Registration Scheme for Events” is tailored to support event organisers on recognising the wine entries. BRWSA will participate in this extended scheme to further promote the concepts of handling wine with identifiable sources.

Event Benefits:

  • Free entry fee to 5 entries of wine into B&R Wine and Spirits Awards.
  • One table counter for displaying brands and wines in the Wine & Spirits Awards Zone.
  • Free shelf and participant’s company name and logo to be placed on the table counter/ backdrop.
  • Dedicated helpers will be arranged by the Organiser to monitor the zone and distribute leaflets from participants and collect the name cards from the buyers.
  • Winner’s wines will be showcased in the VIP Lounge and being served and introduced to the VIP buyers and guests.

Participation Fee:

(**All Wine & Spirits Zone exhibitors can get one entry to the Awards free of charge. Extra entry will be charged USD100.)

Wine Revolution Forum & Masterclass

Exhibitors will have the opportunity to promote their wines in the Wine Masterclasses by their ambassador. There will be a series of Masterclasses during the expo. It will be a great chance to learn more about wines and thus will attract many wine importers, distributors and retailers to attend.

Secure your standard booth in this zone. Get connected with top-end buyers from China, Asia, countries along and beyond Belt & Road region. Each participating company will have a chance to conduct a seminar in Wine Revolution Forum & Masterclass. Only 10 slots in total are available on 11 & 13 June 2019. First come, first served.

Belt & Road Sommelier Challenge (Asia)

Top Sommeliers in Asia from hotels, clubs, restaurant groups will be put to test in this all-around challenge, including written and practical tests. A panel of judges comprised of Master Sommeliers will determine the Best of the Best. Sponsor this event to promote your wine in front of the professional audience.

About Asia Wine Institute (AWI)

AWI, focuses on Sommelier activities in Asia, was founded by Tommy Lam in Hong Kong in 2010. Since Tommy firstly introduced the Court of Master Sommeliers (CMS) program to Singapore in 2006, more than 40 lectures and exams conducted by the Master Sommeliers have been held in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan. Learners can obtain the CMS accreditation in Asia. Till the end of 2018, there were already more than 1,200 people accredited by the CMS program Levels 1, 2 and 3 respectively.