Leaders of Namibia, Vanuatu, and the International Maritime Organization congratulated China for its remarkable achievements ahead of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, which falls on October 1.

Hailing the achievements China has made, Namibian President Hage Gottfried Geingob said that China has adhered to a correct path, which is socialism with Chinese characteristics.

“You must have a principle. You must have an ideology, the Chinese socialist ideology now added with Chinese characteristics. So basic necessity of each according to their ability, each according to their needs. So [the] Chinese have borrowed here and there a market type of reform and economy but maintaining the principle of socialism. That the needy people, basic education and health are taken care of,” he said.

“I’d like to, on behalf of Namibia and Africa, with our friends in China happy many returns on this historic day”

the Namibian President added.

Vanuatuan Prime Minister Charlot Salwai also congratulated China on its 70th anniversary and praised China for promoting mutual benefits and win-win cooperation.

“On the occasion of the 70th anniversary, I wish to take this opportunity on behalf of the government and people of Vanuatu to express our best wishes of Vanuatu to his excellency Xi Jinping and the government and the good people and citizens of the People’s Republic of China. In the past 70 years, China’s proportion of national economic and social aggregate indicators in the world has fairly increased,” he said.

“Its international status has been further enhanced”

“The triumphant pursuit of the One Belt, One Road, of BRMF (Business Rules Management Framework) to enhance connectivity and practical cooperation. China will be Vanuatu’s trustful friend and sincere partner forever,” Vanuatuan Prime Minister said.

Kitack Lim, Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization, who has visited China several times, has witnessed first-hand the rapid development of China’s shipping industry.

“I would like to say it is a really dramatic revolutionary development, which has made us amazed. The Maritime Silk Road, I believe, is targeting to contribute to promoting global trade, global shipping, which contributes to promoting a global economy,” said Lim.