Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke with Uzbekistan President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on Phone. President Xi conveyed his Government’s and People’s heartfelt sympathies and strong solidarity to the Government and People of Uzbekistan over the fight against COVID-19.

He pointed out that COVID-19 is a fresh reminder that building a human community with a shared future is the right way forward. In a battle where the health and well-being of all humanity and the development and prosperity of the world are at stake, solidarity and cooperation is the most powerful weapon.

It falls to all countries to overcome differences and prejudice with unity and rationality, and forge a powerful synergy to help the world navigate through the challenging times and safeguard humanity’s common homeland.

President Xi stressed that solidarity and mutual support are the fine tradition of China-Uzbekistan relations. China, at the height of its battle against COVID-19, received valued assistance from the government and society of Uzbekistan.

Now the people of China are concerned about the COVID-19 situation in Uzbekistan. Supplies put together by the Chinese central government, local authorities and companies have arrived in Uzbekistan, and more are on their way. Chinese experts have shared anti-epidemic experience with their Uzbekistani counterparts via video links.

President Xi reaffirmed that China will provide further support and assistance to Uzbekistan in battling COVID-19, and expressed the hope for continued protection for the normal life and work of Chinese nationals in the country.

He expressed confidence that under the strong leadership of President Mirziyoyev, the people of Uzbekistan will definitely prevail over the disease.

President Xi noted the strong foundation and potential of China-Uzbekistan relations. He called on the two countries to continue giving each other firm support and turn challenges into opportunities.

While tackling COVID-19 together, the two countries need to find flexible ways to advance all areas of bilateral cooperation and ensure the smooth implementation of previously agreed Belt & Road Projects.

The two countries also need to deepen cooperation in the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other multilateral institutions to jointly safeguard world peace and development.

President Mirziyoyev commended President Xi for his strong leadership and the firm, decisive and efficient measures taken by the Chinese government to tame COVID-19 in such a short time. The impressive solidarity, cooperation and courage demonstrated by the Chinese people serve as a source of inspiration to all.

Thanks to the valuable experience and assistance from China, Uzbekistan is making good progress in controlling the epidemic. Calling China a reliable friend, President Mirziyoyev expressed gratitude to the government and people of China for providing selfless humanitarian assistance to Uzbekistan at its moment of greatest need.

He assured President Xi that his country will take good care of the Chinese nationals in Uzbekistan the same way as it treats its own people.

President Mirziyoyev echoed Xi’s view that the current global situation calls for greater solidarity in the international community and enhanced cooperation in WHO, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and other Multilateral Institutions.

President Mirziyoyev said that he looks forward to meeting President Xi as soon as the COVID-19 situation is over to push forward bilateral Cooperation on the Belt & Road Initiative and in various other areas. Uzbekistan stands ready to work with China in building a human community with a shared future.