The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) was proposed to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results with countries involved and it contributes to multilateralism and international cooperation, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Monday, while meeting with The Elders delegation, led by its chair, former president of Ireland Mary Robinson, in Beijing.

The Elders is an independent group founded in 2007 by Nelson Mandela with the aim of working towards peace, justice and human rights.

President Xi said that although China is a developing nation, it will never shy away from its due international responsibilities. The China-proposed BRI is an effort to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results with countries involved.

He said that China remains committed to maintaining multilateral agendas such as the global nuclear non-proliferation system. By proposing the BRI, China makes an important contribution to multilateralism and international cooperation.

Xi stressed that major-country relations are important to global strategic stability. China maintains its commitment to promoting coordination and cooperation among major powers and hopes that the U.S. and China make an effort to develop their relations based on consultation, cooperation and stability.

Noting that this year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Xi emphasized the Communist Party of China has led the Chinese people to keep on striving with endless energy and has made tremendous achievements in various aspects over the past 70 years.

Robinson and other delegates first congratulated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC and the tremendous achievements China has made in economic and social development. They then stated that China plays a responsible and constructive role in the critical moment when multilateralism is facing challenges.

They said they will firmly uphold the multilateral system with the UN at the core and expect China to keep on playing a leading role.