Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for concerted efforts to protect and develop the Yellow River Basin while Chairing a Symposium Wednesday during his inspection tour to Henan Province.

President Xi, also General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, stressed strengthened coordination in the comprehensive management of the Yellow River basin to promote high quality development.

Calling for strengthened protection of the ecological environment of the Yellow River basin, President Xi said that differences between the upper, middle and lower reaches of the river should be fully considered, given that the Yellow River ecosystem is an organic whole.

Further efforts should be made to ensure the long-term stability of the Yellow River, Xi said, stressing that although the river has not seen major dangers for many years, we should not relax vigilance.

President Xi also stressed better use of water resources, with rational planing of the population, urban and industrial development to resolutely curb unreasonable water demand.

When pursuing high-quality development in the region, authorities should actively explore new ways with regional characteristics and participate in the construction of Belt and Road to promote higher level of opening-up, President Xi noted.

Meanwhile, President Xi called for preserving, inheriting and carrying forward the Yellow River culture.

“The Yellow River Culture, as an important part of the Chinese civilisation, is the root and soul of the Chinese nation,” President Xi said, calling for telling well the “Yellow River story” to pool spiritual strength for the realisation of the Chinese dream of the rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation.