The Zambian Government has been urged to explore Chinese technology by encouraging Chinese Commercial Farmers to Invest in the Agricultural sector in the country, a non-governmental organisation said on Tuesday.

Misheck Kombe, President of Vision Ambassadors Zambia, said the Chinese technology should be applied in Zambian agriculture sector for improved food production.

Kombe said China’s Agriculture technology should be utilised in Zambia as the Chinese have the muscle to invest in the country’s agricultural sector.

Zambia should lure Chinese investors in the agriculture sector, especially with the climate change effect which has not spared the Southern African country, he said.

He said Zambia should tap into the Chinese technology for improved agriculture activities in the country.

On diversification program into agriculture by Zambian Government, Kombe said government has shown political will to diversify into farming by supporting both small and large scale farmers through the construction of irrigation infrastructure.

He said China is also supporting Zambia in its ongoing infrastructure development through the Belt & Road Initiative. He further called on the local people working with the Chinese to learn their work culture.

Kombe said with increased infrastructure development Zambia is poised to improve its economic growth in the next few years.