China’s funding of the construction of an ultra-modern conference facility in Zambia to enable the southern African country to host the African Union (AU) Head of State summit in 2022 is a sign of true friendship, a senior civic leader said on Tuesday.

“We are happy that the historical relations between China and Zambia keep on being strengthened further, We commend China for its initiative to fund the building of a conference facility to host the international summit for the Heads of States,” Chililabombwe Mayor Christabel Mulala said.

Mulala said the hosting of the AU summit was an important event for Zambia.

According to Mulala, Zambia will benefit a lot in terms of modern infrastructure development that will stand a test of time.

She called on Zambians to support the works being done by the Chinese in the country.

And Noel Mulenga, a Chililabombwe resident said China will bring about infrastructure development in Zambia.

“As Zambians, we are happy to associate ourselves with the Belt & Road Initiative as that is beneficial to Zambia,” he said.

Mulenga commended the Zambian government for continued good bilateral relations with China. And Mable Mwale an Entrepreneur of Chililabombwe said Zambia’s development will improve especially in the area of infrastructure development.